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Crack Sealing
Crack Sealing

Water can cause extensive damage to pavements and roads. Hot pour crack sealing can prevent future damages from occurring by going into the surface's cracks so that water can't seep in. Contact William Smith Paving Inc. now for service!

The benefits of hot pour crack sealing

The detailed process of crack sealing

  • Extends the life of your surface

  • Helps you avoid costly repairs

  • Prevents water from getting in

  • Provides you with a smoother surface

  • Reduces crack growth

Hot pour crack sealing is a mix between rubber and tar that's applied at 450 degrees. Want to know how hot pour crack sealing works? First the hot pour mixture is applied to the crack in question. Then it's seal coated for complete security.


Hot pour crack sealing can be combined with seal coating or purchased as a stand-alone service, whichever works for you.

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Effective Hot Pour Crack Sealing Services

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